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27 Proven Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Physician Practice Profits
27 Proven Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Physician Practice Profits
27 Proven Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Physician Practice Profits
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Now for the first time, two of America's leading practice building experts have agreed to share many of their best secrets via an ultra-affordable CD series format.

Hear from Lonnie Hirsch and Stewart Gandolf, MBA, founding partners of Healthcare Success Strategies. Hirsch and Gandolf have privately consulted and created marketing campaigns for over 3,243 practices.

This comprehensive CD series contains hundreds of ideas, techniques and secrets gleaned from our experience consulting for more than 3,000 private practices.

"Before I purchased the CDs, I thought marketing a medical practice was unprofessional. After listening to the CDs, I realized that Lonnie and Stewart's methods and strategies offered professional solutions to marketing which I was not hesitant to implement. Implementation of these strategies were very well received by both patients and colleagues. My use of these strategies has resulted in a very positive impact on my practice."
      —Brien Dugas, MD, Wakefield, RI

You'll find all the marketing secrets you need to know packed onto these 8 fast-paced, information-rich CDs.

As a result, there's no reason for you to risk wasting thousands of dollars on hit-or-miss marketing anymore.

Better still, we share our 28 years experience and knowledge of what works (and what doesn't) for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

If you are time stressed (and who isn't), you will also appreciate the timesaving convenience that these CDs provide.

When you buy these CDs you'll be able to rapidly ramp up your practice marketing knowledge when it is convenient for you: in your car, while exercising, or whenever.

Here are the topics you'll receive:

CD 1: Introduction to Practice Marketing 
Choose any of these editions

- Medical
- Dental (general or specialty)
- Physical Therapy
- Allied Health Professions

CD 2: Best Practices to Grow Your Practice Profits  

Track 1: Play to Win
Track 2: Ethical Marketing
Track 3: Ethically Targeting Specific Cases
Track 4: Marketing as a "System"
Track 5: Tracking and Evaluating Your Marketing Results
Track 6: Consistency and Repetition of Your Marketing Efforts
Track 7: Marketing Planning as a Process
Track 8: Setting SMART Goals
Track 9: Defining a Marketing Budget
Track 10: Strategies, Tactics and Action Plans
Track 11: Methods of Marketing
Track 12: Brand Marketing
Track 13: Direct Response Marketing
Track 14: Hybrid Marketing

CD 3: Build Your Reputation (Branding)

Track 1: Importance of Differentiation and Branding in Private Practice
Track 2: Strategic Advantages of a Strong Brand
Track 3: What is a Brand?
Track 4: What Do Your Patients Want from You?
Track 5: Positioning: Your Unique Value Proposition
Track 6: Famous Positioning Examples
Track 7: Positioning Analysis
Track 8: Defining Your Target Audience
Track 9: The Target Audience Perspective
Track 10: What is Your Edge?
Track 11: Naming Your Practice
Track 12: Office Appearance as Part of Your Brand
Track 13: Branding from the Inside Out
Track 14: Evaluating the Service Mix in Your Brand
Track 15: The Center of Excellence as Part of a Brand
Track 16: Brand Communications Strategies
Track 17: Form vs. Essence
Track 18: The Role of the Logo in Branding
Track 19: Defining Your Brand: Some Examples

CD 4: Create Systems So That Your Patients Refer  in Droves (Internal Marketing)

Track 1: Internal Marketing‚ Walking the Talk of Your Brand
Track 2: Key Issues to Consider
Track 3: A Patient-Centered Practice Takes Effort
Track 4: Leadership by Example
Track 5: Improving the Patient Experience
Track 6: Improving Social Skills of Providers and Staff
Track 7: Improving Staff Effectiveness with Phone Inquiries
Track 8: Increasing Case Acceptance of Your Treatment Recommendations
Track 9: Improving Patient Retention and Reducing Attrition
Track 10: Cross Selling Additional Services to Your Patients
Track 11: Leverage Your Patient Base to Generate More Referrals
Track 12: Mailings to Patients ‚ email and E-Newsletters vs. "Snail Mail"

CD 5: Attract Patients Through Powerful, Ethical External Marketing

Track 1: The Power of First Impressions
Track 2: Target Audience Issues
Track 3: Why You?
Track 4: Why Now?
Track 5: You Are Not Your Target Audience
Track 6: Handling Patients from External Marketing Differently
Track 7: Seasonality in External Advertising
Track 8: Determining Your Prime Marketplace
Track 9: Targeting Patients Strategically
Track 10: How to Get Free Publicity
Track 11: External Office Sign
Track 12: Yellow Pages Advertising
Track 13: Newspaper and Magazine Advertising
Track 14: Radio Advertising
Track 15: Television Advertising
Track 16: Direct Mail and Insert Advertising
Track 17: Marketing to Local Businesses
Track 18: "Born Losers" of External Marketing
Track 19: Guerrilla Marketing Strategies
Track 20: Final Thoughts on External Marketing as a System

CD 6: Search Engine Optimization (How to Get Found)

Track 1: The Evolution of Internet Marketing
Track 2: The 80-20 Rule for Internet Marketing
Track 3: Future Trends in Internet Marketing
Track 4: Strategic Marketing Purposes for Your Web Site
Track 5: What Makes a Good Web Site?
Track 6: Common Misconceptions about Web Sites
Track 7: How to Get “Traffic” to Your Web Site
Track 8: Search Engine Optimization (How to Get Found)
Track 9: Paid Internet Advertising Strategies
Track 10: Getting Links to Your Web Site
Track 11: Guerrilla Internet Marketing Strategies
Track 12: Implementing Your Internet Marketing Strategy

CD 7: How to Triple Your Number of Doctor Referrals

Track 1: Building Your Professional Referral Marketing System
Track 2: What Referring Doctors Want
Track 3: Professional Referral Marketing Faux Pas
Track 4: The Role of the Practice Marketing Representative
Track 5: The Key Referrer Program
Track 6: Tactics for Cultivating and Sustaining Strong Relationships
Track 7: Professional Alerts
Track 8: Program Sheets
Track 9: Practice Presentation Kit
Track 10: Bonding Over Food
Track 11: Courting the Front Office Staff
Track 12: Reverse Engineering Referrals
Track 13: Gifts to Referrers
Track 14: Proving Yourself to a New Referral Source
Track 15: More Referral Strategies
Track 16: Cross-Promotion
Track 17: Putting It All Together

CD 8: How to Hire Outstanding Creative Talent  

Track 1: Most Important Next Steps
Track 2: Marketing Planning Process ‚ Review
Track 3: Marketing System Elements
Track 4: How to Hire Good Creative Talent
Track 5: Common Traits of Successful Practitioners
Track 6: Inspiring Success Stories You Can Learn From

Publication Date: October 2008
Number of Pages: 8 CD-ROMs
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