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31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice
31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice
31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice
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Streamline your practice, contain costs, defuse conflicts, boost reimbursement and increase physician, staff and patient satisfaction.

While many books address medical practice management, 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice goes beyond textbook theory. Drawing on nearly 50 years of combined experience consulting with and running highly successful private practices, the authors map out practical, turnkey solutions to the harsh realities facing medical, dental, and all healthcare practices, including: tough competition, patient expectations, shrinking reimbursement, litigation, malpractice insurance costs, complex regulations, high rents, soaring utilities, and other challenges.

Noteworthy Features:

  • A "fast start" users-guide:
    Enables you to spend less time reading. Each chapter zeroes in on one success essential, concisely explaining how to identify problems, clear obstacles, make improvements and measure success.
  • Every aspect of your practice covered:
    No more guesswork. Get right to work with today's best strategies for everything from choosing an office location and the right staff, to controlling overhead and getting patients to comply with treatment plans.
  • Real-world examples:
    From mission statements to budgets, you can build your own improvements on the best work already done by other successful practices.
  • Ready-to-use tools:
    The book includes financial benchmarks, numbers and equations that make it even easier to put the 31 success strategies into action in your practice.

About the Authors:

John Guiliana, DPM, MS, is the managing partner of a four-doctor podiatry practice in Hackettstown, N.J. He holds a master's degree in healthcare management, and is a nationally recognized professional speaker and author on medical practice management. He is a frequent contributor to Podiatry Management, Podiatry Today, and is the author of Talking Practice Enhancement, an American Podiatric Medical Association news column.

Hal Ornstein, DPM, FASPS, serves as chairman and director of Corporate Development of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management and Consulting Editor for Podiatry Management Magazine. He has given over 200 presentations internationally and has written and been interviewed for over 250 articles on topics pertinent to practice management, patient satisfaction and efficiency in a medical practice. Dr. Ornstein has been in private practice for 18 years and serves as Medical Director of Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center, LLP with their main office in Howell, N.J.

Mark Terry is a freelance writer and editor specializing in the business of healthcare and physician practice management. In addition to numerous book-length market reports about various aspects of healthcare, his articles on practice management have appeared in Podiatry Management, Podiatry Online, Unique Opportunities, Advisor for Medical & Professional Staff Services, and other publications.

Selected Table of Contents

  1. Subspecialties & Your Mission Statement: How patient demographics shape your practice
  2. Choosing Your Office: How location affects your marketing and your practice's success
  3. The Business Plan: Creating the plan your bank will require — and admire
  4. Choosing Your Corporate Structure: C-corp, S-corp, LLC, PC
  5. Developing A Budget: Your first year and every year
  6. Hiring Your Staff: How many people should you hire and what skills should they have?
  7. Leadership Skills: How to manage your staff and keep headaches to a minimum
  8. Marketing Your Practice, Part I: Practical steps to getting the patient in the door
  9. Marketing Your Practice, Part II: Internal and external marketing and tracking your efforts
  10. Writing Your Office Manual: Meeting your responsibilities as an employer
  11. Office Dynamics: The "EFF" Words-- being EFFicient and EFFective with minimum EFFort
  12. Motivating Your Staff: Trade perspiration for inspiration to get the most out of your employees
  13. The Paperless Office: EMRs, digital equipment and health information technology
  14. Remote Access: Working efficiently from home or on the road.
  15. E-prescribing: Reaping the rewards of e-prescribing systems
  16. Billing: The pros and cons of handling billing in-house or hiring a billing firm
  17. Practice Assessments: from finances to client satisfaction, why 7 vital assessments count
  18. Controlling Overhead: Strategies for evaluating and controlling salaries, benefits and other expenses
  19. Ancillary Services: A collaborative care model for offering secondary services
  20. In-office Dispensing: Should you become a product retailer?
  21. Patient Communication and Compliance: Getting your patients to follow their treatment plan
  22. Plugging Revenue Leaks: 5 proven strategies for channeling small leaks back into the revenue stream
  23. Time Management: Get off the gerbil wheel with new ways to enhance life within the practice
  24. Expansion: what to consider before bringing on an associate or additional associates
  25. Non-medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage: How to protect against other costly liabilities
  26. Office Design: How successful practices integrate efficiency, storage and décor
  27. Dealing with Stress: How to make sure your job doesn’t kill you.
  28. Effective Patient Scheduling: Tips on managing your caseload.
  29. Collections: Tips for dealing with delinquent accounts.
  30. Dealing with Difficult Patients: Communication and other tactics for defusing difficult situations
  31. Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives: Enjoying good business and good "off hours," too


From the Foreword by Neil Baum, MD

"Today, many doctors are discouraged about the future of healthcare. I often go to the doctor's lounge or the doctor's dining room only to hear complaints, bickering and overall negativity about what tomorrow may bring. Well, weep no more, because 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice is just the book to improve your spirits, improve the morale in your office, show you how to generate new patients, how to develop services that your existing patients need and, ultimately, to increase your bottom line."

Neil Baum, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Urology
Tulane Medical School
Author, Marketing Your Clinical Practice - Ethically, Effectively, and Economically

"I can't begin to tell you how beneficial your book is to our Health System. Your chapters on marketing, controlling overhead, and office dynamics have all led to our renewed focus. Our days in AR have dropped significantly, clinical protocol development has improved patient flow and our students are thrilled with the changes in their clinical experience. I thank you for writing 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice. In addition to it becoming a valuable tool in the education of our students, it will be a reliable guide for us to provide exceptional patient care."

Margot A. Surridge, MA,
Executive Vice President & CEO
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
North Chicago, IL

"I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing this new text on practice management. It is a great resource for staff members in either a new practice or an established practice. In my more than 40 years of practicing medicine, I have not had a resource as useful as this one. I suggest that every medical practice leader reads this book and put the concepts to use in the practice."

Dr. Thomas V. Melillo
Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
Independence, OH

"31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice offers a timely and insightful perspective in building a sustainable practice in today's turbulent healthcare marketplace. Pioneers in practice development, Dr. Ornstein and Dr. Guiliana offer accessible business solutions that support quality care outcomes, enhanced patient experiences, and long term financial growth. Traveling North America to give back to their profession and help physicians remember why they went into medicine, Dr. Ornstein and Dr. Guiliana reveal secrets that have enabled them to build clinical centers of excellence and a balanced lifestyle. This is a must-read for anyone interested in constructing a successful healthcare practice."

John A. Romans
President & CEO
BioMedix Vascular Solutions, Inc.
Saint Paul, MN

"In this excellent new book, Drs. Ornstein and Guiliana have been able to brilliantly encapsulate the wisdom and knowledge that I have seen them impart in their many live presentations and professional articles. What sets these two men (and this new book) apart are three very distinct points: First, they care passionately about their fellow doctors and work tirelessly to improve their professional and personal lives, second, everything they teach can be applied to virtually any professional practice, and finally, everything in this book is real world and tested, it's not just theory. This new work is destined to become a classic in the practice management literature and it should be on the desk of every professional in North America, as it is on mine right now."

Rem Jackson
President & CEO
Top Practices, LLC
Lititz, PA

"As a state Senator, I have a profound interest in our nation's healthcare delivery system. In addition to the challenges of preventing diseases, treating illnesses, and providing us with a better quality of life, physicians now also face economic challenges as we try to trim down our healthcare costs. As many industries were forced to do in the past, healthcare providers will need to continue to deliver the world's best clinical outcomes while still remaining efficient and profitable.

After reading 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice it was clear to me that these authors have some answers! This book should be mandatory reading for all prospective, new, and seasoned practitioners. It is written in a clear and concise format, complete with recommendations that doctors can put into place tomorrow. If you are a healthcare provider, you owe it to your patients to read this book!"

Andy Ciesla
New Jersey State Senate 10th District, Assistant Majority Leader
Brick, NJ

"Whether you seek new ways to improve your practice, or face an important management decision for which you need more information, the place to begin your search is with 31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice. While no book will contain all the information a doctor might need on a specific topic, by simply scanning the Table of Contents of this new book, it is likely that you will find the specific information you are looking for relevant to your situation. You will also find practical recommendations from Drs. Ornstein and Guiliana, two practitioners who have implemented these ideas in their own practices. An outcome of reading this book, that you might not be expecting, is that some of Drs. Ornstein and Guiliana's enthusiasm will rub off on you, inspire you to action, and enable you to have fun during the process."

Jon A. Hultman, DPM, MBA
Author, Reengineering the Medical Practice: Profit through Efficiency in a Medical Office Environment
Los Angeles, CA

"Most medical practices struggle to balance all the necessary components of running an efficient and successful practice and marketing is one of these areas that often fall short. After reading, 31 1/2 Essentials to Running Your Medical Practice, I have made it mandatory that everybody coming through the Integrated MedReps, LLC program read this book. The foundation of a medical practice must be solid to support the growth that all practices strive to achieve. This book reinforces just that, and offers insight and useful information on how to construct and support that essential foundation."

Chad Schwarz
President / CEO
Integrated MedReps, LLC
Morganville, NJ

"As a healthcare educator, I was looking for resources to help train my 32 residents and fellows. When I first picked up this book, I had the notion that I was going to read the same practice management rhetoric that I read in many books and heard at many seminars. WOW...I was wrong!

Drs. Ornstein and Guiliana, together with Mark Terry, created what I consider to be the "road map to success" for all healthcare providers. Their strategies have made a significant impact on my own practice and patients, and it is now required reading for all of my students, residents and fellows as well as highly recommending to the attendings. Thanks guys!"

Dr. Ron Guberman
Departmental Director, Residency Education
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, NY
Armonk, NY

Publication Date: 2011
ISBN 13: 9780982705513
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