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Coach U's Essential Coaching Tools: Your Complete Practice Resource
Coach U's Essential Coaching Tools: Your Complete Practice Resource
Coach U's Essential Coaching Tools: Your Complete Practice Resource
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Hundreds of client-centered assessments, forms, and checklists as well as the essential marketing aids that every coach needs to build a successful practice

Founded in 1988, Coach U, Inc., is the largest provider of online training for individuals interested in entering the fields of personal and professional coaching. Coach U, Inc., has educated more than ten thousand people, providing them the information, tools, and knowledge they need to successfully enter the fast-growing world of life, career, business, and corporate coaching.

Coach U, Inc.'s unique approach to training encompasses the entire development of the professional coach. From the beginnings of becoming a coach, to all the ins-and-outs of growing a successful coaching practice, this program provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to learning how to become a strong, ethical, and dynamic leader in the coaching field.

An all-in-one guide, Coach U's Essential Coaching Tools includes all of the materials a personal or executive coach needs to start and grow a successful coaching practice. This handy book and CD package includes both self- and client-assessment tools and worksheets/exercises to aid you in working effectively with your clients, as well as proven marketing and business development materials to help you get more clients and run a profitable coaching practice or provide superior coaching within an organization.

Among these useful tools, you'll find:

  • New client checklists, discussion and principles lists, success formulas, coaching mistakes to avoid, and many other helpful tools for coaching
  • Record keeping and documentation forms to use in tracking your clients' personal information and billing information
  • Worksheets, checklists, and sample materials to help market your practice
  • A CD-ROM that contains all the materials in the book-fully customizable for your unique needs

Table of Contents





Chapter 1: About Coaching and Being a Coach.

  1. Client Q&A about Business and Personal Coaching.
  2. Coachee Q&A about Business and Personal Coaching.
  3. Benefi ts of Being a Professional Coach.
  4. All about Coaching: 100 Key Points about Coaching and the Coaching Process.
  5. Coaching Customs.
  6. Primary Foci of Coaching.
  7. Coaching Focus Areas.
  8. The Professional Coach Is . . . .
  9. Basics of the Coaching Relationship.
  10. Things People Want Most.
  11. Coachee Situations.
  12. Should You Be a Coach?

Chapter 2: About the Prospective Coachee.

  1. Top Questions to Ask a Potential Client.
  2. Potential Coachee Selling Questions.
  3. Top Sellable Personal Features of the Coaching Service.
  4. Benefi ts of Working with a Coach.
  5. Top Five Objections Potential Clients Raise.
  6. Client Lead Form.
  7. How I Coach.
  8. How I Coach Clients.
  9. How I Coach Coachees.
  10. Coachability Index.
  11. Complimentary or First Session Agenda.
  12. Referral Thank You Letter.

Chapter 3: For the New Client/Coachee.

  1. Agreement.
  2. Credit Card Authorization.
  3. Welcome.
  4. Coachee Profile.
  5. How to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching.
  6. Focus and Scope of Work.
  7. Client Data Sheet.
  8. Coachee Data Sheet.
  9. Welcome to Clients.
  10. Welcome to Coachees.
  11. Preparing for Coaching: Client Welcome Letter.
  12. Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Coaching.
  13. What to Talk about with Your Coach.
  14. Comprehensive Assessment Chart.
  15. Welcome to Coaching.
  16. Coachee History.
  17. I Believe in You: The Coach’s Credo.
  18. Assessment Summary.
  19. Goals List.
  20. Promise Log.
  21. Possibility.
  22. Priorities.
  23. Work, Career, or Business Environment.
  24. Money.
  25. Improvements to Make.
  26. 101 Things to Work on with Your Coach.
  27. Goals to Work on with Your Coach. 27A. First- Year Checklist.
  28. Coaching Evaluation.
  29. Evaluation of the Coach.

Chapter 4: About Your Coaching Practice.

  1. 10 Steps to Developing a Successful Coaching Practice.
  2. Coaching Specialties: 100 Areas of Specialty.
  3. Choose Your Coaching Specialties.
  4. Practice Design.
  5. Client Extras.
  6. Ideal Coachee Characteristics.
  7. Client Retention Checklist.
  8. 25 Steps to Filling Your Practice.
  9. 100 Ways to Fill Your Coaching Practice.
  10. 101+ Ways to Fill Your Practice (and Keep It Full).
  11. Team 100 Program.
  12. Start- up Budget for a Coaching Practice.
  13. Budget for the First 90 Days.
  14. Client Fee and Cash Flow Projection.
  15. Time and Billing Log.
  16. Checks Received This Month.
  17. Cash Receipts Log.
  18. Monthly Practice Checklist.
  19. Top Five Things Your Coaching Web Site Should Be Set Up to Do.
  20. Top Five Ways to Convert Your Web Site Visitors into Paying Customers.
  21. 90+ Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant.
  22. TeleClass Leading: 100 Skills and Steps of Designing and Leading TeleClasses.

Chapter 5: About Working with Coachees.

  1. New Client Checklist.
  2. Top 10 Places to Start Your Coaching.
  3. The Most Important Things to Know about Your Coachees.
  4. What to Say to Your Coachee.
  5. Coaching Session Agenda.
  6. First Coaching Session.
  7. Coachee’s Life.
  8. About the Coachee.
  9. Client Laser Questions: Creating Value in Coaching.
  10. Principles Discussed.
  11. Coaching Strategies: 100 Ways to Help Your Coachees Get More of What They Want.
  12. Listen For: 100 Things a Coach Listens For and Hears.
  13. Make Your Point: 100 Creative and Powerful Ways to Make Your Point.
  14. Success Formulas Program.
  15. Coaching Mistakes: 100 Mistakes You Can Avoid.
  16. The High Hidden Costs of Coaching.
  17. Master Coach Profile.


Chapter 6: Life Coaching.

  1. Skills to Work on with a Coach.
  2. 15 Human Conditions.
  3. Problems, Concerns, and Blocks.
  4. Uncovering the Fundamental Lie.
  5. Emotional Reactions: How Are You Feeling?
  6. Reaction Free.
  7. The Attachment Index.
  8. Letting Go.
  9. Stress Index.
  10. The Adrenaline Lifestyle.
  11. Adrenaline Self- Test.
  12. Who Are You? 100 Elements of a Person.
  13. What Fuels You.
  14. Strengths Inventory.
  15. Personal Wins.
  16. Resources and Assets.
  17. Spending and Debt Questionnaire.
  18. Daily Report.
  19. 10 Goals to Reach in the Next 90 Days.
  20. Clean Sweep Program.
  21. 25 Secrets to Having the Life You Want.
  22. The Success Process: 10 Steps to Sustainable, Fulfilling Success.

Chapter 7: Personal Foundation.

  1. 25 Steps to a Strong Personal Foundation.
  2. Personal Foundation Program.
  3. 10 Daily Habits.
  4. 200+ Tolerations.
  5. What Am I Tolerating?
  6. NeedLess Program.
  7. Tru Values Program.
  8. Reserve Index Program.
  9. Super Reserve Program.

Chapter 8: Attraction.

  1. 28 Attraction Principles.
  2. Fundamental Changes to Becoming Irresistibly Attractive.
  3. The Zen of Attraction.
  4. Irresistible Attraction Program.
  5. 100 Smiles Program.
  6. What Makes You Happy?
  7. Quality of Life 100.
  8. My Personal Mission Statement.
  9. Life Purpose Worksheet.
  10. Life Purpose, Business Mission, and Legacy.
  11. Personal Path Program.

Chapter 9: Perfect Life.

  1. The 12 Areas of a Perfect Life.
  2. The Zen of Perfect.
  3. The Benefits of Having a Perfect Life.
  4. How to Have a Perfect Life.
  5. Background Changes to Make.
  6. “Absence Of” 100.
  7. Abundance Of.
  8. Time Peace Program.
  9. Sports, Recreational Activities, and Hobbies.
  10. My Perfect Day.
  11. Annual Life Planner.
  12. 100 Steps to Becoming a Class Act.
  13. Class Act 100 Program.
  14. Buff It Up! Program.

Chapter 10: Personal Evolution.

  1. 100 Ways to Know You’re Evolving.
  2. 100 Key Distinctions to Fully Understand and Evolve Into.
  3. 21 Evolutionary Practices.
  4. Evolutionary Progressions.
  5. Evolutionary Progressions: 100 Three-Step Developments.
  6. Extreme Self- Care Program.
  7. 101 Relationship Questions: Ways to Know You’re Evolving.


Chapter 11: Business Coaching.

  1. The Coach Approach: An Introduction to Coaching in the Organization.
  2. Coach Manager/Staff Excellence Program.
  3. Communication Faults: 100 Communication Mistakes People Make.
  4. Certified Communicator Program.
  5. Biz Whiz Success Program.
  6. Professional Practice Checklist.
  7. New Business Start- Up Program.
  8. Business Mission Statement.
  9. Business Budget.
  10. The Friday Checklist.
  11. Annual Goals Chart.
  12. Internet Marketing 100.
  13. Web Site 100: Design and Functional Elements of a Terrific Web Site.
  14. E-Tip Broadcasting: 100 Steps to Setting Up a Successful E-News or E-Tip Broadcast.

Appendix: About the CD- Rom.

Author Information

COACH U, Inc., is the leading global provider of coach training programs. The Advanced coaching Program (ACP) and the Coach U Certified Graduate Program (CUCGP) meet the academic requirements for becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). The Core Essentials and the Core Essentials Fast Track Programs provide a solid foundation for becoming a certified coach.

Publication Date: February 2005
Number of Pages: 517
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