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Disease Management Obesity Set -- Disease Management & Obesity: Healthcare Impacts and Initiatives & Childhood Obesity: Truths, Trends & Program Design
Disease Management Obesity Set -- Disease Management & Obesity: Healthcare Impacts and Initiatives & Childhood Obesity: Truths, Trends & Program Design
Disease Management Obesity Set -- Disease Management & Obesity: Healthcare Impacts and Initiatives & Childhood Obesity: Truths, Trends & Program Design
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With obesity rates in the United States continuing to climb and causing additional chronic health conditions such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and stroke, health plans and employers are looking to specialty programs to combat obesity. Whether they’re referred to as Disease Management, Weight Management or Wellness programs, their ultimate objective is the same: to trim the fat from healthcare expenses.

In this special report, "Disease Management & Obesity: Healthcare Impacts and Initiatives," sponsored by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN), expert speakers weigh in on the key features of obesity management programs, strategies for increasing member participation, and the programs’ impact on the healthcare bottom line.

You’ll hear from two leading industry experts, Robin F. Foust, Population/Individual Health and Productivity Management Specialist, Zoe Consulting; and Dr. Eric Berman, Medical Director & Chairman of Health Policy, Horizon BCBS of NJ, on the impact that obesity is having on healthcare organizations.

This 34-page report is based on the April 28, 2004 audio conference on Disease Management & Obesity during which Foust and Berman described programs they have launched to address obesity. You’ll get:

  • obesity risks and impacts;
  • the components for a successful obesity weight management program;
  • criteria for approving gastric bypass surgery;
  • the building blocks of the weight management program at Horizon BCBS-NJ;
  • the impacts of the weight management programs at Horizon BCBS-NJ and Medicorp; and
  • how disease management programs should comply with HIPAA security guidelines.

Table of Contents

  • Obesity and Weight Management: An Employer's Perspective
    • Avoiding Gastric Bypass Surgery
    • MediCorp Criteria for Approving Gastric Bypass Surgery
    • MediCorp Program Background
    • Measuring BMI in Adults
    • Formulating Surgery Approval Policy
    • Successfully Avoiding Surgery
    • Lessons Learned
  • Obesity Initiative: Horizon BCBS-NJ
    • Obesity Risks and Impacts
    • Horizon Walks the Walk
    • Program Implementation
    • Building Blocks of Weight Management Program
    • Employee Participation Analysis
    • Not a Sprint, but a Marathon
    • Formula for Success
    • Dieticians a Call Away for HMO Members
  • Obesity Initiative: Health Awareness Begins at Home Office
  • Disease Management and Health Literacy
    • The High Cost of Low Health Literacy
  • Q&A: Ask the Experts
    • Digesting the Effects of the Current Carb Craze
    • Considering HIPAA Privacy When Setting Guidelines
    • De-Identifying Protected Health Information Under the Privacy Rule
    • Surgery: Who’s Paying and Who’s Succeeding
    • Bariatric Surgery: Last Resort
    • Weight Management: Covered or Supplemental?
    • The PCP’s Role in Weight Management
    • Tracking Program Utilization and Results

With more than 9 million overweight American children and adolescents---triple the number identified in 1980---healthcare providers must react now to counteract the related health and social consequences that often continue into adulthood.

In this special report, "Childhood Obesity: Truths, Trends & Program Design," sponsored by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN), expert speakers provide background on this growing epidemic. You'll also get case studies on programs launched by healthcare payors and providers to address childhood obesity.

You’ll hear from two leading industry experts, Dr. Eric Berman, Medical Director & Chairman of Health Policy, Horizon BCBS of NJ, and Dr. Barbara Moore, President and CEO, Shape Up America! on what's driving childhood obesity in America, its impact on healthcare costs and what factors to consider before launching a childhood weight management program.

This 37-page report is based on the September 23, 2004 audio conference How Healthcare Organizations Are Addressing Childhood Obesity during which Moore and Berman described the impact of childhood obesity and what healthcare organizations are doing about it.

You’ll get details on:

  • Assessing overweight/obese children;
  • Preventing obesity in children;
  • The IOM Action Plan for confronting the epidemic;
  • How to engage the child's support network -- family, school and community resources; along with
  • Case studies on childhood weight management programs at Horizon BCBSNJ, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Highmark and Kaiser Permanente.

Table of Contents

  • Health in the Balance: Childhood Obesity in America
    • Why More Children Are Obese
    • The Impact of Age on Childrens’ BMI
    • The Devastating Stigma of Obesity
    • Obesity’s Impact on Healthcare Costs
    • Cost of Obesity Gaining on Us
    • Children Learn What They Live: The Parents’ Role
    • The Skinny on Trimming BMI
    • Considering Cultural Differences
    • Nature vs. Nurture
  • Healthcare Implications of Childhood Obesity
    • How the Healthcare Sector Can Prevent Childhood Obesity
  • Obesity Initiatives
    • Children’s Hospital Hopes Healthy Living Is Habit-Forming
    • The Effect of Walkable Communities on Health
    • Highmark Attacks Problem from All Fronts
    • Kaiser-Permanente Takes AIM at Weight Management
    • Horizon’s Template for Healthy Living
    • Students Walk Away from Negative Body Images
  • Health Literacy and Childhood Obesity
    • Teen Mentoring Program Boosts Confidence
    • Other Health Literacy-based Initiatives
  • IOM Action Plan for Confronting the Epidemic
  • Q&A: Ask the Experts
    • The PCP’s Role in Childhood Weight Management
    • Launching a Childhood Obesity Program
    • Legislating Change
    • Defining Vigorous Activity
    • Schools and the Battle Against Obesity
  • Glossary
Publication Date: December 2004
Number of Pages: 71
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