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Health Care Operations and Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations, Planning, and Control
Health Care Operations and Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations, Planning, and Control
Health Care Operations and Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations, Planning, and Control
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Health Care Operations and Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations, Planning, and Control offers a thorough foundation in operations management, supply chain management, and the strategic implementation of programs, techniques, and tools for reducing costs and improving quality in health care organizations. The authors incorporate the features and functions of Microsoft Excel where appropriate in their coverage of supply chain strategy, process design and analysis of health care operations, managing health care operations quality, and planning and controlling health care operations.

Health Care Operations and Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Operations, Planning, and Control offers real-world examples to illustrate the most current concepts and techniques such as value stream mapping and Six Sigma. In addition, the authors clearly demonstrate how operations and process improvement relate to contemporary healthcare trends such as evidence-based medicine and pay-for-performance, and contains:

  • Leading edge concepts and techniques
  • Real-life data and actual examples from health care settings to underscore the main concepts in the text
  • Instruction in the use of Microsoft Excel for healthcare operations and supply side management
  • Numerous screen shots and detailed instructions to guide you through the use of Microsoft Excel's many functions and features as it applies to supply chain and operations management.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • The Authors
Part 1: Strategy
  • Chapter 1: Healthcare operations and supply chain strategy
    • Operations and supply chain management
    • Purchasing, logistics, and vendor-managed inventories
    • Efficiency, effectiveness, and value
    • Competitive dimensions of healthcare
    • The bullwhip effect in healthcare
    • MiniCase: The bullwhip effect in healthcare organizations
  • Chapter 2: Financial aspects of healthcare operations and supply chain management
    • Finance and operations
    • Income statement/operating statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Statement of cash flows
    • Basic financial ratios and metrics
    • Time value of money
    • Break-even analysis
    • Crossover analysis
  • Chapter 3: Managerial accounting aspects of healthcare operations and supply chain management
    • Managerial aspects
    • Managerial accounting
    • Activity-based costing
    • Behind the scenes: Cost drivers at hospitals

Part 2: Process design and analysis of healthcare operations

  • Chapter 4: Data and statistical tools for healthcare operations improvement
    • Descriptive statistics for describing data sets
    • Graphical methods of data description
    • Numerical methods of data description
    • Hypothesis testing: Analyzing the difference of two means
    • Pareto analysis
    • Box-and-whiskers plots
    • Tornado diagrams and sensitivity analysis
  • Chapter 5: Problem solving and decision-making tools in healthcare operations
    • How legal decision makers use decision models
    • Framing the problem
    • Components of a decision-making problem
    • Payoff tables
    • Decision-making criteria without probability assessments
    • Decision-making criteria with probability assessments
    • Expected value of perfect information
    • Modeling
    • Decision trees
  • Chapter 6: Simulation
    • Introduction
    • Process flows
    • Probability distributions
    • Random number generation
    • Discrete-event versus continuous simulation
    • Monte Carlo simulation
    • Agent-based simulation
    • Simulation in healthcare
    • Queuing analysis
  • Chapter 7: Process improvement and patient flow
    • Introduction
    • Process mapping
    • Value stream mapping
    • Use of maps and charts in healthcare
    • Staffing
    • Workload management
    • Productivity and efficiency analysis
    • Common healthcare productivity and efficiency measures
    • Improving productivity and efficiency
    • MiniCase: Improving process flow to improve service-level performance statistics
  • Chapter 8: Facility layout
    • Introduction
    • Layout considerations
    • Types of layouts
    • Muther diagrams
    • Workload management
    • Evaluating different types of layouts
    • Basics of optimization
    • Optimization using Excel Solver
    • Optimizing facility layout and design
  • Part 3: Managing healthcare operations quality
    • Chapter 9: Managing quality in a healthcare setting
      • What is service quality?
      • Quality planning, control, and improvement
      • Quality and financial performance
      • Seven tools for quality control
      • Brief example of x-bar control chart construction
      • Six Sigma concepts
      • Six Sigma and Lean
      • MiniCase: Delayed room cleaning dilemma
    • Chapter 10: Quality control and improvement
      • Design of quality control systems
      • Process quality control
      • Variables control
      • Using control charts
      • Process capability
      • Total quality management and continuous improvement
      • International Organization for Standardization Certification
      • Malcolm Baldrige Award
  • Part 4: Planning and controlling healthcare operations
    • Chapter 11: Lean concepts in healthcare
      • Introduction
      • What is Lean?
      • Controlling waste
      • Controlling flow with a Kanban System
      • Kaizen events
      • Value stream mapping
      • Measures and tools
      • Adverse effects of becoming too lean
      • MiniCase: Using lean concepts to improve inpatient care
    • Chapter 12: Forecasting for healthcare management
      • Analyzing data using time series and regression models
      • Linear and nonlinear trends
      • Seasonality in data
      • Naive forecasting
      • Moving averages
      • Weighted moving averages
      • Exponential smoothing
      • Auto-correlation
      • Regression as a forecasting technique
      • Multiple regression model
      • Measuring accuracy
      • Measuring forecasting errors
    • Chapter 13: Project management
      • Introduction
      • Role of project manager
      • Objectives and trade-offs
      • Planning and control in projects
      • Project scheduling
      • Critical path method
      • Gantt charts
      • Program evaluation and review technique
      • Implementation
      • MiniCase: Implementing electronic medical records at St. Hampton's Hospital
    • Chapter 14: Aggregate planning, scheduling, and capacity management in healthcare
      • Aggregate/central planning
      • Resource planning and control
      • Scheduling and capacity management
      • Workforce scheduling
      • Dispatching rules
      • Job sequencing
      • Johnson's rule
      • Service facility location analysis
      • Center of gravity method
    • Chapter 15: Inventory management
      • Introduction
      • Purpose of inventories
      • Costs of inventories
      • Economic order quantity
      • Independent versus dependent demand
      • Periodic review systems
      • Continuous review systems
      • ABC inventory management
      • Inventory management technology
    • Index

    About the Authors

    John F. Kros, Ph.D., is a professor of marketing and supply chain management in the College of Business at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He also is the co-author of Statistics for Health Care Professionals: Working with Excel.

    Evelyn C. Brown, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Engineering and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Technology and Computer Science at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

  • Publication Date: January 2013
    Number of Pages: 576
    ISBN 13: 978-1-1181-0977-9
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