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M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare
M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare
M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare
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Bring doctors, staff and patients on board for immediate change and exponential growth. Are your change initiatives working? Hospitals and healthcare practices can invest thousands in operational systems and seminars, but revenues and patient care won't improve unless doctors, staff, and patients do their part. To master the people factor in your practice, you've got to get M.A.D. - Motivate, Align, Differentiate! Learn to use the formula Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. implements worldwide to help practices improve quality of care and boost revenues (as much as 200% in one year).

Practice management consultant Wendy Lipton-Dibner reveals how every practice can use M.A.D. leadership skills to:

  • Optimize your contact time with patients, colleagues and staff so you get more done
  • Inspire enthusiasm, willingness and ability to grow
  • Motivate patients to follow your recommendations regardless of insurance coverage
  • Reduce staff turnover and exponentially increase productivity, energy and team work
  • Help partners to work together for improved efficiency, faster decision-making, and better relations
  • Eliminate negative gossip and reduce conflict
  • Identify and capitalize on your uniqueness as a practice
  • Create commitment to your policies, protocols and vision
  • Make your practice stand out as the premier provider for your specialization
  • Position your practice to thrive despite tighter insurance reimbursement and economic pressures

No manipulation, no time-consuming "touchy feely" tactics: M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare simply maps out a fast-track formula for leveraging that all-important people factor to increase referrals, boost revenues, maximize efficiency, enhance partner collegiality, and improve everyone's satisfaction.

Noteworthy Features

  • Bonus CD: Ideal for use on computer, iPod or in the car, this CD reinforces key M.A.D. strategies and offers additional commentary from the author to help you get M.A.D.!
  • Practice Spotlights: See how real-world medical and dental practices have used the techniques of the M.A.D. formula to build success with partners, staff, patients and colleagues.
  • Quick Start Tools: In a hurry to get M.A.D.? Each chapter features a Bottom Line Summary plus tables and other tools that let you get right to work.
  • Practice-Specific Guidance: An action-oriented appendix provides role play activities for family medicine; orthodontic, general and cosmetic dentistry; bariatric medicine and surgery; plastic surgery and aesthetics; and more.

Table of Contents

  • Section One:
    How to use the book and CD for maximum impact.
  • Section Two:
    The Four Languages of The M.A.D. Formula
    Simple and powerful techniques from four different sciences to help you to build profound trust and rapid rapport with every type of person you meet.
  • Section Three:
    M is for Motivate
    Learn to apply internal and external motivation techniques to move partners, patients, staff and referring colleagues to action!
  • Section Four:
    A is for Align
    Forget team building! Learn new strategies to bring doctors, patients, staff, colleagues and vendors together and capitalize on their strengths as individuals.
  • Section Five:
    D is for Differentiate
    Extraordinary new strategies to help you to stand out as the premier facility in your specialization.
  • Section Six:
    Now That Youre M.A.D.
    Inspiration and guidance to make your efforts pay off for you and your practice.
  • Appendix
  • Role Play activities for every type of practice.

About the Author

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. draws on 30 years of experience consulting for hundreds of healthcare and corporate clients Lipton-Dibner is a social scientist, an entrepreneur and an internationally known speaker. She is the president and founder of Professional Impact, Inc., a training and consulting firm that enables clients to turn the people factor into a bottom-line asset for their businesses so as to maximize their impact and increase revenues.


"NOBODY can claim to be fully skilled in the art of medicine without knowing and using these powerful, yet simple tools. This book is AMAZING! A TOUR DE FORCE! A MUST READ FOR ANY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER!"
Daren Primack, MD managing partner, Pacific Heart and Vascular Medical Group

"I've spent a lifetime developing patient and practice management skills, but nowhere have I ever read such a comprehensive, common sense approach. It should be the bible of all healthcare practices, maybe for all businesses."
M. Constance B. Greeley, DDS private practice, Orthodontics

"We had a good, solid orthodontic practice, got M.A.D., rejuvenated ourselves and our team, and boosted our bottom-line into Unbelievable! This manual is golden chockfull with how-tos every step of the way."
Johanna V. Manasse, practice manager (retired)

"Put this book at the top of your reading list. You won't be disappointed. Neither will your patients, your partners or your staff. This book is a gold mine."
Neil Baum, MD, author of
Marketing Your Clinical Practice

"I wish I had read this book before I started my practice 10 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of grief."
Scott Wrye, MD private practice, plastic surgery

"This book will definitely be required reading for the Orthodontic residents at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry."
Robert Manasse, DDS clinical professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Orthodontics, private practice, orthodontics, member of board of directors, Chicago Dental Society

"Wendy's techniques allowed us to transition from an 80% insurance based practice to an 80% cosmetic, non-insurance based practice. I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to step out of the drudge that modern medicine has become and into a world where the patient is the focus of attention."
Douglas M. Stevens, MD private practice
past president Lee County Medical Society, delegate to the Florida Medical Society

"M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare is an enlightening and much needed text to help us patiently and positively impact patients' lives during their greatest times of fear and need."
Louis Cannon, MD, FACA, FCCP, FACC, FACP, director, The Heart and Vascular Institute of Northern Michigan, president, the Cardiac and Vascular Research Center of Northern Michigan

"This book is a blueprint for peace, prosperity and understanding in medical and dental practices...a Must Read for struggling and thriving practices alike."
Luke J. Curtsinger, MD, private practice, Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery

"Try reading a section each day before going to work. Your life and that of your employees will be better for it!"
James W. Srour, M.D. president and managing partner, Gastroenterology Associates of York

"If you can't get Wendy in person, buy the book. Your practice will grow and you, your staff, and your patients will be happier and healthier for it."
Harold L. Kent, M.D., FACS private practice, Georgia Coast Surgical

"This is a must-read for anybody in any healthcare field. M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare will be on my desk as a go-to reference book from now on."
Laura Dennison, Ph.D., doctor of audiology, private practice

"Wendy Lipton-Dibner has written a 'must read' for all professionals hoping to be extraordinary in the health care field. Gosh, I hope my competitors never get hold of this book!"
Roger Haas, DSMS,
president, Haas Orthodontic Arts

Publication Date: May 2009
Number of Pages: 473
ISBN 13: 0981473873
Feature 5 9780981473871
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