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Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
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Would you like a more regular schedule so you can spend more time with your family? Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians explores this question and others:

  • Do you find practicing medicine repetitive?
  • How can you recapture the career passion you once had?
  • Would you like to finally be paid what you are worth, not what the government or insurers say you will be paid?
  • Will you make less money or more money if you leave clinical medicine?

Here are just some of the questions Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians answers:

  • What are the many traditional and non-traditional options available for physicians beyond treating patients?
  • What precisely are employers in multiple non-clinical fields looking for?
  • Am I too old or too young to transition?
  • Do I need to go back to school for an MBA or other advanced degree?
  • Which non-clinical career options and work environments would be a good fit for me?
  • How much money can I expect to make short and long-term?
  • Do I need to complete my training before transitioning?
  • What are the proven strategies for positioning myself for and safely executing a transition to a non-clinical career?
  • What will life be like in a non-clinical career? Will there be culture shock?
  • Where are non-clinical opportunities posted online?
  • How do I turn my CV into a stand-out resume?
  • What talking points should I use at my interview?
  • How can I network myself into a non-clinical position?
  • What will my job satisfaction be like if I am not seeing patients? Can I still make a difference?

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Truth About Clinical and Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
    • Executive summary
    • If you are dissatisfied practicing clinical medicine, you are far from alone
    • Compensation
      • Consider bonuses, stock options, and equity
    • Succeeding in the business world: Hard work but many positions offer less stress and predictable hours
    • What your parents will think
    • Finding the passion and enjoying your workday
    • You can still make a difference
    • Culture shock and a new pecking order
    • Instability and job insecurity
    • Advice for physicians considering leaving clinical practice

  • Chapter 2: How Hard Will It Be and How Long Will It Take?
    • Executive summary
    • Should I leave clinical practice?
    • Emotional trauma
    • Family support
    • How long will it take and how hard will it be?
      • How quickly you decide on the career(s) you would like to pursue
      • Time committed to career transition
      • Flexibility to move or commute
      • Required initial and long-term compensation
      • Current financial situation
      • Leadership
      • Skills and experience
      • Specialty
      • Clinical experience and certification
      • Communication skills and personality
      • Interests
      • Business and leadership experience
      • Industry experience
      • Advanced education
      • Time required to position yourself for a non-clinical career under your action plan
      • Economic and industry conditions
      • Networking, resume writing, job hunting, interviewing, and
      • Negotiating skills

  • Chapter 3: Traditional and Non-Traditional Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
    • Executive summary
    • Where am I going?
    • Traditional non-clinical careers for physicians
      • Consulting
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Pharma, medical device, and biotech industry
      • Insurance
      • Government
      • Non-profits
      • Informatics
      • Inventions
      • Administration
      • Media
      • Occupational health
      • Medical-legal
      • Traditional non-clinical job titles for physicians
    • You can do anything: Non-traditional non-clinical careers for Physicians:
      • Sportscaster
      • Political pundit and commentator
      • Politician
      • Novelist
      • Teacher
      • Park ranger
      • Financial advisor
      • Wall street executive
      • Venture capitalist
      • Patent attorney
      • High-tech executive and philanthropist
      • Forensic handwriting examiner
      • Professional coach
    • Big company or small company?

  • Chapter 4: Online and Traditional Networking Techniques That Work
    • Executive summary
    • Networking works
    • When to network
    • Goals of networking
    • Networking techniques
      • Your networking list
      • Gathering information
      • Doing favors for your network
      • The experts offer excellent advice on how to best network at conferences
      • What not to do when networking
      • Asking for help
    • Six action steps to getting your network up and running
    • Online networking
      • Potential online networking problems
    • Conclusion

  • Chapter 5: Where Non-Clinical Jobs Are Listed/Posted
    • Executive summary
    • Introduction
    • Individual companies
    • Medical journals
    • Medical societies
    • Generic job search sites
    • Job search/posting sites specific to medical professionals in Non-clinical careers
    • Government jobs
    • Recruiters

  • Chapter 6: Pros, Cons, and Utility of Advanced Degrees Such as an MBA, MMM, MHA, or MPH
    • Executive summary
    • Career value of an advanced degree
    • Where and how to pursue an advanced degree
    • More on the MBA degree in particular age
      • Non-clinical position sought
      • Time, money, and effort
      • Leaving options open
      • Empirical research
      • Advantages and disadvantages of getting an MBA
      • Types of physicians employed in non-clinical positions who have obtained MBAs
      • How physicians use their MBAs in their non-clinical positions
      • Conclusion

  • Chapter 7: Drafting a Powerful Non-Clinical Resume
    • Executive summary
    • A CV is not a resume
    • Drafting your non-clinical resume
      • Start from scratch
      • Sales or marketing document
    • Formatting your resume
      • Contact information
      • Summary/profile
      • Experience
      • Education
      • Additional information
    • Branding yourself through your resume
    • Conclusion

  • Chapter 8: Selling Yourself and Excelling at Your Interview
    • Executive summary
    • Using the interview to allay the fears of your potential employer
      • Positive attitude
      • Attributes for success employers look for
    • Interviewing techniques
      • Preparation
      • Interviewer will research you
      • Tap the interviewers "X-factor"
      • Nailing your interview
      • Articulating key competencies
    • Interview questions
    • Asking questions at your interview
      • Examples of questions to ask at an interview
    • Concluding the interview and sending a thank you note
    • Conclusion

  • Chapter 9: Transition Strategies and Tactics That Work
    • Executive summary
    • The first step: Figure out what you want to do
    • Persistence and time commitment
    • Read the Wall Street Journal and appropriate trade journals
    • Get out before your training is complete
      • Benefits of early transition
    • Seize unexpected opportunities when they present themselves
      • Seize an unexpected opportunity
    • Don't obsess about the job description
    • Easing into work while building your resume
    • Go around human resources by networking
    • Improve your communication skills teaching
      • Ditch the PowerPoint
      • Serve as an expert witness
      • Write
      • Serve on committees
      • Seek honest feedback
    • Use a mentor
    • Finding a mentor
    • Networking
    • Use a recruiter (headhunter or executive search firm)
    • Go back to school
    • Build a brand by finding a niche
    • Read and apply to relevant job postings
    • Blitz a targeted industry
    • Create your own job
    • Build your resume
    • Save your pennies
    • Earn and maintain your board certification
    • Continue practicing medicine part-time

  • Chapter 10: Negotiating Your Job Offer
    • Executive summary
    • Preparing to negotiate your job offer
    • Get the job details first
    • Terms of the offer
      • Salary
      • Bonuses
      • Stock options
      • Fringe benefits
      • Additional/ancillary income
      • Termination provisions
      • Restrictive covenants not to compete
    • Negotiation strategies, techniques, and tactics
      • Strategies
      • Techniques
      • Tactics
    • Conclusion

  • Chapter 11: The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make in Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career and How to Avoid Them
    • Executive summary
    • Asking the wrong question
    • Waiting too long
    • Not asking for help and mentoring
    • Thinking that an MBA is required
    • Not networking
    • Being discouraged by rejection
    • Inflexibility
    • Not realizing the breadth of opportunities available
    • Thinking you are too old for a new career
    • Thinking you must finish your internship and residency to have a viable non-clinical career
    • Not recognizing your transferable and valuable skills
    • Unrealistic short-term expectations and not thinking long-term
    • Not positioning yourself financially for a career change
    • Being unduly concerned with what your parents will think
    • Not taking every opportunity to gain non-clinical experience while still practicing clinical medicine
    • Leaping into a new career that you might like less than your current clinical position
    • Not getting the buy-in of your spouse or significant other

  • Chapter 12: Conclusion: Roadmap to a Career Transition
    • Executive summary
    • Fifteen steps to your new non-clinical career
  • Index

About the Authors: Steven Babitsky, Esq., and James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., are leading authorities on non-clinical careers for physicians. They are the co-founders and co-leaders of the annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians conference and are the trainers for How to Find and Land High-Paying Non-Clinical Jobs seminar. Attorneys Babitsky and Mangraviti are the co-authors of numerous texts and articles.

Publication Date: June 2009
Number of Pages: 375
ISBN 10: 1892904349
ISBN 13: 978-1892904348
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