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Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives
Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives
Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives
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In just a few years, what was tested as a concept is now roaring as an emerging $100 million trend. As quality concerns escalate and healthcare costs skyrocket, more provider Pay-for-Performance (PFP) incentive reimbursement programs are being implemented by health plans around the country as a way to reward healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

Already millions of dollars in incentive bonus awards have been paid to participating physician groups. And, just this year alone, numerous health plans have launched their own version of PFP programs.

"Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives" has been produced by the Managed Care Information Center editorial team to give you a comprehensive understanding of this developing reimbursement trend that may change how providers are measured and paid and improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

This 79-page special report contains inside information developed by our team in connection with reporting on the subject for The Executive Report on Managed Care and from briefings by early adopter experts, executives, and physician leaders.

Hear about the organizations that have 'pioneered' exploration of Pay-for-Performance programs including the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), and such participating health plans as Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Health Net, and PacifiCare.

Pay-for-Performance is not a new idea in business, even for suppliers of nuts and bolts. That's why such major companies as Ford Motor, General Electric (GE), Proctor & Gamble, Verizon and United Parcel are among the pioneers in the PFP program organized under the Bridges to Excellence program. Other organizations that are becoming the equivalent of "household" names in the health industry include the Integrated Healthcare Association and The Leapfrog Group.

“Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives” gives you program descriptions, examples, program measures, and incentive bonus best practices. And, the report acknowledges that there are mixed opinions on whether the PFP programs will work for managed care plans.

Does PFP sustain behavior change? Is it possible to put 'teeth' into physician incentives? Does PFP put the entire burden on already overburdened practicing primary care physicians? Can we define and adequately measure performance criteria? Can physician practice performance really be adequately measured? Are there possible conflicts of interest in implementing this type of financial incentive program?

PFP focuses on quality issues as well as patient satisfaction. But the quality in care is uppermost and zero in on the deadly "quality gaps" that contribute to 42,000 to 79,000 avoidable deaths every year, based on National Committee For Quality Assurance figures.

"Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives" gives you details and reported program results thus far.

  • Get information and insight from those involved in setting up and administering these incentive programs.
  • Discover how early adopters achieved physician "buy in," the importance of leverage, how to choose your measures wisely and choose measures that are defensible, and why provider feedback is so important.
  • Learn what's important to employers, what health plans want out of PFP and what health plans should be looking at.
  • Discover how the "payout" works and how to tailor a program to maximize what providers care about.
  • Get details about the Blue Cross of California PFP system, the Integrated Healthcare Association program, Health Net of California, and the Health Spring physician incentive program.

Most industry experts believe PFP programs will continue to grow and be embraced by payors. For instance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans are offering physician pay-for-quality programs in 32 states and expect to implement programs in 14 additional states in the near future; Aetna, Cigna and HealthAmerica and HealthAssurance have also begun PFP; and, Medicare launched a $1 billion program to reward providers for the quality of care they deliver.

"Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives" also includes a series of reports on studies and documents, both pro and con, from leading health organizations and stakeholders including the National Business Coalition on Health, the American Medical Association, AARP, the American College of Physicians, and, The Alliance of Specialty Medicine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to fully understand the Pay-For Performance movement and how it could affect your organization. Order your copy of “Pay-for-Performance: Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives” today!

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