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Social Media for the Health Care Profession: The New Shingle for Today's Medical Practice
Social Media for the Health Care Profession: The New Shingle for Today's Medical Practice
Social Media for the Health Care Profession: The New Shingle for Today's Medical Practice
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Available only in PDF format.

If you think YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are social media tools only used by teenagers and college students, think again. It is time for physician practices to recognize that prospective patients are using social media to look for physicians.

Take your medical practice to the next level by learning to use these revolutionary tools to drive new patient referrals, grow your practice, and strengthen relationships with existing patients. Designed for and organized in the context of the medical practice executive.

Social Media for the Health Care Profession: The New Shingle for Today's Medical Practice offers step-by-step templates for medical professionals who want to leverage social media (Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to drive new patient referrals, practice growth, and strengthen relationships with existing patients.

We know that prospective patients are wasting no time. They go straight to Google or Bing and enter terms like "Knee Replacement, Baltimore" or "Infertility, Dallas" to find a physician. And the practices that are getting the new patients are the ones with a social media presence -- those practices with a high ranking on that first page of Google. A good website, plus a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and/or YouTube will drive new patients to your practice.

The real benefit for social media marketing is for the small practices with only one, or just a few, doctors. With Social Media for the Health Care Profession: The New Shingle for Today's Medical Practice, small practices can now compete with the larger groups. Social media is the weapon that solo practitioners can use to compete in the same arena as larger practices and hospital practices. This book will revolutionize how you think about your medical practice.

Packed with plenty of take-home value, Dr. Neil Baum the guru of medical practice marketing, and co-authors decode the process for getting established with social media marketing. You can count on them to provide you with the language, the templates and the insider hints to ensure success with this project.

Social Media for the Health Care Profession: The New Shingle for Today's Medical Practice is a must-have for physicians, office managers and administrators, podiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, osteopathic physicians -- any professional in the medical field who is looking to propel their practice in today's economy.

Each page has instructions that will make you feel comfortable as you build your presence on these new online communities. It will teach you how to start your own blog site, as well as how to generate fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. It will also reveal how to develop a YouTube presence for under $200 -- including the camera and editing software.

Dr. Neil Baum, the author of the classic book, Marketing Your Clinical Practice, Ethically, Effectively, Economically , (now in its 4th Edition) along with co-authors, Catherine Maley and Dr. Andrew Schneider, will cover the basics of social medial marketing. This step-by-step, template-driven guide, will get you started in social media using Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Blogging For Doctors and Medical Practices
    • What Is Blogging?
    • What Do I Blog About?
    • Creating a Blog Using Blogger
    • Blog Settings on Blogger
    • Blog Design on Blogger
    • Posting on Blogger
    • Scheduling a Post on Blogger
    • Adding an Image on Blogger
    • Repositioning an Image on Blogger
    • Advanced Image Placement on Blogger
    • Your New Blogger Blog
    • Creating a Blog Using WordPress
    • Blog Settings on WordPress
    • Blog Design on WordPress
    • Posting on WordPress
    • Scheduling a Post on WordPress
    • Adding an Image on WordPress
    • Repositioning an Image on WordPress
    • Advanced Image Placement on WordPress
    • Your New WordPress Blog
    • The Ground Rules of Blogging
    • Creating Content
    • Setting up Google Alerts
    • Results From Google Alerts
    • Conclusion

  • 2. Facebook For Doctors and Medical Practices
    • Your Practice Should Have Friends
    • Creating an Account for Your Practice
    • Why Create a Business Account
    • Special Business Account Tools
    • Getting Started
    • Basic Information About Your Practice
    • User Information: Creating a Password
    • Email Confirmation
    • Your New Account Page
    • Putting Your Face on Facebook
    • Information for Your Patients
    • How to Get Fans
    • Link Up With the Like Box
    • Status Updates
    • Creating Photo Albums
    • Uploading Photos
    • Naming Your Albums
    • Adding Captions
    • Discussions
    • Everything Needs a Title
    • The Importance of Titles
    • Dont Stop Here
    • Create Ads & Stay Up-to-Date
    • Get Help

  • 3. Twitter For Doctors and Medical Practices
    • Objectives
    • Getting started
    • Twitter
    • Create Twitter Account
    • How it looks to join Twitter
    • Example healthcare marketing
    • Finding friends on Twitter
    • Example Andrew Schneider
    • Another Example Catherine Maley
    • Create an Avatar-Picture, Photo, Icon, or Logo
    • Create Avatar
    • Avatar Is Embedded Into Profile
    • Finding Friends to Tweet
    • Finding Friends Using Email Address
    • Example of Invitation to Friend
    • Tweeting
    • Tweeting Example
    • Example of How it Looks
    • Adding Links to Twitter
    • URL from desired Web site
    • Use to shorten URL
    • Shorter link using
    • Paste New URL to Twitter
    • How it finally looks
    • Followers Of Your Tweet
    • Read a Tweet
    • Respond to Tweet
    • Tweet Response
    • Creating Followers on Twitter By Being a Contributor
    • Read a Tweet and Went to Dr. Phos Blog Site
    • Takes You To His Blog Site
    • Respond To Article About Doctors Being Late
    • Obtaining Followers
    • Add Photos to
    • Photos to Twitter
    • Sample of photo added to Twitter
    • Add video to
    • Use Of Electronic Billboard In Reception Area
    • Invite Followers
    • Creating a profile
    • Adding Graphics
    • TweetDeck
    • Search on Keywords
    • Type in search bar
    • Keyword Prostate Cancer
    • Keyword metastatic prostate cancer
    • Keyword chemotherapy for PCa
    • Treatment for PCa Since 2011
    • Twitter Strategy
    • Example: Grow a Following of EMR Users
    • Twitter Strategy
    • Take-home message
    • Another THM

  • 4. YouTube for Doctors and Medical Practices
    • What is YouTube?
    • Why Is Video Important?
    • Professionally Produced Videos
    • Self-Produced Videos
    • How To Produce Your Own Videos If You Do Not Want To Appear On Video
    • Editing Your Video Project
    • Creating an Account on YouTube
    • Getting Started on YouTube
    • Uploading a Video to YouTube
    • Creating a YouTube Channel
    • Optimizing Your Videos
    • Sharing Your Videos
    • Conclusion

    About the Authors:

    Neil Baum, M.D., Dr. Baum is a private practice urologist in New Orleans, and the author of five books, including the best-seller, Marketing Your Medical Practice -- Ethically, Effectively, and Economically, 4th edition. He is a leading expert on medical practice management and he is on the clinical faculty of both Tulane and Louisiana State University Schools of Medicine.

    Catherine Maley, MBA, based in Califormia, is an aesthetic practice marketing consultant and the author of, Your Aesthetic Practice/What Your Patients are Saying. She founded Cosmetic Imaging Marketing in 2000, a firm that specializes in growing aesthetic practices using customized marketing strategies. She is a speaker on the national scene and a regular contributor to the top medical publications in the industry. Ms. Maley has worked with countless physician practices to set goals, map out marketing plans to cost-effectively market their practices while getting a solid return-on-investment.

    Andrew Schneider, DPM, is the medical director of Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, and serves on the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management. A sought-after speaker and recognized expert in utilizing technology, the internet, and social media for the use in medical and professional practices, Dr. Schneider writes extensively and lectures internationally on the topic.

Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN 13: 9780983958505
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