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The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture, and Patient Experience
The Patient-Centered Payoff:  Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture, and Patient Experience
The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture, and Patient Experience
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For the first time medical practices and organizations are about to see their income either increase or decline based on regulations that directly measure patient care and satisfaction. CMS has now made the patient experience its business. The patient experience is critical to the future of healthcare and the cost of care. Practices that have paid little attention to this in the past can learn how to improve the patient visit through the environment, culture and the actions of physicians and staff.

Learn the steps your practice can take to reap the many payoffs of achieving high patient-centered standards without having to make a big financial investment. In The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience, authors Cheryl Bisera and Judy Capko explain how healthcare professionals and organizations can thrive in the new patient-centered environment.

The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience describes how the patient-centered movement has changed medical practice and offer insights into the opportunities this new environment provides to practices.

The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience is clearly written, engaging, and packed with easy-to-implement ideas.

Topics covered:

  • Identity: Knowing who you are and expressing it with conviction
  • Defining your online presence and protecting your online reputation
  • Developing a patient-centric office culture
  • How to live and measure your adherence to your mission
  • How to speak the language of patients
  • Evaluating your patient's experience (a look in the mirror!)
  • Making patients feel at home when they visit your facility


  • Discover how to succeed in the rapidly growing patient-centered care movement.
  • Includes carefully chosen case studies that highlight successes in building a patient-centric medical practice.
  • Learn how to deliver customer service that delights patients.
  • Gain valuable insight into how practices should claim and take control of their online presence.
  • Take advantage of a list of twenty-one things you can do now without breaking the bank.
  • Leverage tools to evaluate your existing office culture and transform it into one that creates an exceptional environment for patients and staff.

Fortunately, there are many steps a practice can take to develop an attractive, engaging presence without making a big financial investment. In The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture and Patient Experience, doctors and medical practice administrators get a practical guide to creating a positive practice image which grows a loyal, referring patient base. It includes advice on how to measure performance and maintain accountability; how to define your practice image and express it with conviction; and how to manage your online and social media presence. It also offers a list of twenty-one steps practices can take right away without breaking the bank. This book provides all the tools practices need to begin reaping the many benefits to running a profitable patient-centered practice.

Medical practices will improve their competitive position, gain financial incentives with payer reimbursement, and grow a loyal patient base.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Being Best

  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Facing Reality: Patient Satisfaction Is a Big Deal
  • Patient-Centered, Not Patient-Led, Healthcare
  • Make the Commitment
  • The Payoff

Chapter 2: Unhappy Patients are Costly

  • Pay for Performance
  • The Real Cost of Attrition
  • Your Reputation Is at Stake
  • Noncompliant Patients Hurt the Practice
  • The Unhappiness Epidemic
  • The Payoff

Chapter 3: From Identity Crisis to Brand Recognition

  • Create a Mission Statement
  • Express It with Conviction
  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Consistency
  • The Payoff

Chapter 4: The 24x7 Patient Relationship

  • Patients Search for Information
  • Directories Rule Physician Searches
  • Start with Health Plan Directories
  • Grab Your Google Places Listing
  • Don't Run from Ratings and Reviews
  • Claiming Your Listings on Ratings Sites
  • Automated Eavesdropping
  • Yes, You Need a Web Site
  • Adding More Value to Your Site
  • Going Social
  • Embracing Community
  • Last but Not Least: Professional Social Media
  • The Payoff

Chapter 5: What's Wrong With This Picture?

  • Living the Mission
  • It's Time for a Reality Check
  • Common Thread
  • The Payoff

Chapter 6: Cultural Differences: When Hospitals Own Practices

  • Consultant’s Overview
  • Lessons Learned
  • The Payoff

Chapter 7: Conflicts on the Patient-Centered Journey

  • The Changing Physician Landscape
  • Physicians' Attitudes Toward Healthcare Reform
  • Physicians Deserve More
  • What Drives a Patient-Centered Culture?
  • Respect and Trust: Central to a Cultural Shift
  • The Psychology of the Consumer
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Impact of Managed Care
  • The Physician-Patient Relationship Suffers
  • Patients Finally Speak Out
  • The Payoff

Chapter 8: Mirror, Mirror: An Honest Look Within

  • Stand Above the Rest
  • Understanding Patients
  • The Power of Listening
  • Research Spotlights Communication
  • Navigating a Fine Line
  • It Really Is All About Them
  • What You Can Do Now
  • Consider Your Patient Demographics
  • Books Are Judged by Their Cover: Staff Appearance
  • Getting It Right
  • The Payoff

Chapter 9: How Facility Design Impacts the Patient Experience

  • The Importance of Your Physical Plant
  • First Steps First
  • It's a Package Deal
  • Function Following Form
  • Maximize Profitability: Feeding Providers Efficiently
  • Straightening Out Priorities
  • Efficiency: It’s About People, Space, and Systems
  • Why Existing Workflow and Space Must be Evaluated
  • Characteristics of Good Facility Design
  • Patient Services and Satisfaction: Critical Factors
  • Improving the Patient Experience
  • The Wow Factor
  • What Wows Your Patients?
  • The Three Components of the Wow Factor
  • Your Facility, Your Future
  • The Payoff

Chapter 10: Voices from the Field

  • I Once Was Lost, but Now I'm Found
  • Validation, at Long Last
  • Sweet Roses Among Thorns
  • Respect: Med School Not Required
  • World-Class Not Enough
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
  • No Small Thing
  • Personal and Professional Rewards
  • Taking the Plunge, with Confidence
  • Hurry Up and Trust Me
  • The Payoff

Chapter 11: Twenty-One Things You Can Do Now (Without Breaking the Bank)

  • Practice Image
  • Office Culture
  • Patient Experience
  • Position Yourself for the Payoff
  • The Payoff

Chapter 12: The Patient-Centered Practice Now and in the Future

  • Patient-Centered Care Takes Center Stage
  • Government Takes a Position
  • Hospitals Transform
  • Patient Experience of Care Domain
  • Physicians’ Quality Measurements
  • Leadership’s Role in the Patient Experience
  • Managed Care’s Shift
  • Patients as Partners
  • Silent Partners: Two Very Different Case Studies
  • The Big Difference
  • Evolution of the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Program
  • NCQA Recognizes Specialty Practices
  • Our Patient-Centered Future
  • The Payoff

About the Authors

Judy Capko is the founder of Capko & Company, a national healthcare management and marketing consulting firm. She specializes in medical practice operations and practice building techniques and focuses on maximizing resources, building patient-centered strategies and valuing staff contribution. Judy believes we achieve our greatest results by raising others up. Thousands of physicians and administrators have benefited from her advice and innovative, energetic approach to organizational management and strategic planning for more than 30 years.

Judy is the author of the 2nd edition of “Secrets of the Best-Run Practices,” and “Take Back Time—Bringing Time Management to Medicine.” She is featured and published in more than 50 prestigious national medical journals. She has also written by-line articles for the Journal of Medical Practice Management, Urology Times, Eye World, Repertoire, Physicians Practice and Practice Link.

Cheryl Bisera is an author, speaker, and the founder and leader of Cheryl Bisera Consulting, an image development and marketing firm focused on the healthcare industry. Her firm's key differentiators are attention to internal marketing, practice branding, and patient experience training. Cheryl firmly believes marketing is not only an external activity - it's also the influence every staff member has on each patient's experience and perception of the practice or healthcare organization.
A passion for excellence in developing the patient experience and practice image has earned Cheryl impressive testimonials from clients. She speaks for regional medical management organizations and conducts customer-service workshops and training sessions for her clients. She is published in leading industry journals, including Podiatry Management, Physician Magazine, and the Journal of Medical Practice Management, and has also been featured on the popular KevinMD blog.

Reviews for The Patient-Centered Payoff!

“The new era of healthcare reform ushers in new demands and higher expectations by patients – pressures pushing medical practices, large and small, to invoke a higher set of service standards to order to survive and thrive. Capko and Bisera deliver a precise roadmap for practices striving for success amidst an ever-changing landscape of rules, requests and requirements.

Learn how to analyze and respond to market forces. The Patient-Centered Payoff shows you how to manage stresses, avoid hazards and take control of your practice’s destiny in the coming age of 24/7 patient relationships. Capko and Bisera’s field-tested techniques are the ultimate guide for the medical practice that wants to stake its claim as its community’s top choice for health care services.

From taking an honest look at your practice – providers, staff, culture, even the facility – to creating a positive culture for success, there’s a wealth of knowledge here waiting for you to put into action. If you are a practice leader who is not content to just wait and see what happens next, The Patient-Centered Payoff is for you.”

Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC
Speaker, Author, Consultant
Woodcock & Associates
Atlanta, Georgia

"Health reform has the potential to fundamentally alter the patient-physician relationship. The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth through Image, Culture, and Patient Experience guides physicians on how to maintain and strengthen their relationships with their patients as their practice environment changes around them. Through case studies and extensive consulting experience, Judy Capko and Cheryl Bisera's straightforward and practical style provides common sense ways for both primary care doctors and specialists to successfully navigate the turbulent health care times ahead."

Kevin Pho, MD
Founder and Editor,
Co-author of Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices
Nashua, NH

“Judy Capko has done it again. This book, with co-author Cheryl Bisera, offers practical, helpful strategies for successful patient retention. The use of case studies and real life experiences highlight what you can do, starting today, to improve your patient satisfaction scores.”

Owen Dahl, MBA
Owen Dahl Consulting and MGMA Consultant
Author, Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits
The Woodlands, TX

“The new book, by Judy Capko and Cheryl Bisera, The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture, and Patient Experience is an insightful, yet accurate look at today’s medical practice environment. Each chapter builds upon itself with many examples that can help any practice, large or small, achieve better patient satisfaction and consequently more patients. The chapter entitled “Twenty-One Things You Can Do Now (Without Breaking the Bank)” has helped our practice complete an assessment and make some minor changes that have resulted in marked differences in patient satisfaction. It has been eye-opening to the physicians in the practice how a few small gestures to a patient have made such a positive impact without increasing overhead at all.”

Kimberly Weis Avery, MBA, JD
Administrator and General Counsel
Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, PC
Memphis, TN

“The Patient-Centered Payoff:  Driving Practice Growth Through Image, Culture, and Patient Experience is an enjoyable read for practice administrators and other healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their medical practice through the patient experience.  This book provides recommendations and ideas that are practical and patient-centered, as opposed to bottom-line solutions that do not consider the impact on the patient’s experience or satisfaction with the service.  I personally appreciate the multiple references on how to engage staff. Eliciting ideas from all of the members of the patient care team is a key success factor that is often overlooked.”
Suada Husic, MA, CPC
Training Manager
Weill Cornell Physician Organization
New York, NY

“One of the greatest challenges of owning a medical practice is not only do you need to be a great Doctor, you must also be a great business person.  This requires a deep understanding your audience - your patients.  Whether you're just starting out or have been practicing a long time, this is a must read to keep your medical practice relevant in an ever changing health care environment.”

Donnelly Wilkes, MD 
Wilkes Family Medicine
Newbury Park, CA

“If physicians and business managers read and follow the advice provided by Judy Capko and Cheryl Bisera in The Patient Centered Payoff they can build a patient culture that will help position their practice for the future. There are so many factors that drive practice growth and not many books complete the picture in a way that is easily understood – this book does.

It really does take a village to improve all aspects that affect practice growth, harmony within the practice, and patient confidence. With this book, one can easily identify areas that need improvement, set goals, and create as close to perfect conditions for operating a successful practice possible. And everyone in the office can participate in this change. Kudos to the authors for turning not-so-interesting topics into content that is sexy and exciting!” 
Cyndee Weston, CPC, CMC, CMR
Executive Director
American Medical Billing Association (AMBA)
Davis, OK

“The Patient-Centered Payoff: Driving Practice Growth through Image, Culture and Patient Experience provides the roadmap needed to thrive in today's changing medical practice landscape.  I can't tell you the number the times I have walked into a practice only to be amazed at the mixed messages that the practice atmosphere, staff & communication give.
Practices that understand the interrelationship between culture, branding and staff morale in supporting the patient experience will be better suited to meet the needs of patients and will have better outcomes as a result.  I highly recommend this book”


Peter Blanchard, MHL
Director of Network Development
Bethany Healthcare Services
Dallas, TX

“Judy Capko and Cheryl Bisera have developed a manual for success in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. The authors have performed a thorough H&P (history and physical) and differential diagnosis of the attitudes that contribute to poor healthcare outcomes. This prescription works because it is a holistic approach that injects commonsense back into the process of delivering care for better health.
Through their case studies, they have chronicled that the most effective activities involve a simple change in attitude - being patient-centric. This is a revelation and an inexpensive way to begin to repair our broken healthcare system.”

Debbie Donovan
Director of Communications and Corporate Identity
EndoGastric Solutions
Mountain View, CA

“Judy and Cheryl have created a great work. As physicians we are always focused on quality. What we sometimes forget is that we are also in a service industry. Our job is to not only ensure high quality but excellent patient service as well. This book captures this element perfectly and could not be timelier. It is well written and very practical. It should be required reading for all new doctors.” 

A.H. (Trey) Chandler, III MD
Carolina Cardiology Consultants
Division Chief of Cardiology, Greenville Health System
Greenville, SC

“Transform good patient encounters in your practice to experiences that your patients will rave about to their friends, family and on-line…this book tells you how.

Improving patient satisfaction is good for a practice in a fee-for-service environment (more referrals, loyal patients) and in an era of shared savings and Accountable Care Organizations (better ratings, higher pay).  Use the strategies in this book to accomplish higher ratings.

Only buy this book if you want your patients to refer other patients, if you hope to improve your patient satisfaction and engagement ratings, if you are determined to feel proud of the work you and your staff do every day, and if you want your competitors to ask, "How do they do it?"

Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC
Springfield, VT

Publication Date: September 2013
Number of Pages: 260
ISBN 10: 0988304066
ISBN 13: 978-0988304062
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